Delve into the magical world of A Quiet Night in June.  Experience explosive, expressive vocabulary as you read, reflect, and rejoice in the world of truth and beauty all around.

"On a quiet night in June
   My heart began to sing a tune
      of a distant place, far away
         and memories as clear as day..."
(from Remembering Cherry Blossoms and Pagodas)

"A Quiet Night in June."

Forty original poems from the pen of longtime educator and writer Daryl R Smith.   Smith captures the feelings and emotions, and he captivates the senses with his writing.

Reviewers say...

(Smith’s) “poems contained an aged wisdom of life lived and learned, something like Andrew Wyeth standing at the threshold of a dream.”

BF – 5 Stars

“Easy to read and thoughtful.”

Jen – 4 Stars

“Wonderful poetry” (The book contains) “a wealth of serene and comforting poetry, with a good measure of humor thrown in.”

BB – 5 Stars

Immerse yourself in feelings and sensations...



   * Remembering Cherry Blossoms and      


    * The Colors of Autumn

     * The First Crescent

       * The Journey

        * Tolerance

         * and much, much more.